June 2, 2011

Coach speaks highly of Powell

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For Bedford (Ohio) head football coach Sean Williams, his first year at the helm of the program was certainly not an easy one. The program, which in the last 15 years has produced such talents as former University of Wisconsin products Chris Chambers and Lee Evans, was in need of a serious culture change. Players' GPA's were not up to par and the general work ethic on the team was not where it needed to be to succeed both on and off the field.

While the results on the field weren't anything to write home about, Bedford finished just 2-8, the winds of change are certainly blowing. The team GPA is now just under a 3.0, more than half a point higher than a year ago and workout and weight room attendance is up. Williams would be more than justified to take a large part of the credit, but he credits the leadership of some of his top players, most notably the most recent Ohio State verbal commitment, Tyvis Powell.

"What makes Tyvis so special is his personality," Williams said. "He's a lovable kid, he's a great kid to be around and he loves the game of football. Most kids just want to play the game but he wants to learn the game. He hangs out with me every single day and he wants me to teach him every single thing that I know. If I go to a clinic, he calls me on the way home saying 'what did they say?'."

Over the last few months, Powell has seen his stock rise drastically in recruiting circles as he accumulated nearly 15 offers before picking Ohio State on Wednesday. While many may have been surprised by this, Williams certainly isn't.

"As an athlete, he has phenomenal hip speed, great feet, and phenomenal ball skills," Williams said. "If you put those three things together, you have a phenomenal player. That is what I saw week one, the first week that I ever met him out there on the field. He can catch the ball, he could be a phenomenal wide receiver. He could even play quarterback, he would be a great quarterback because he knows the game but he best serves the team as a defensive player."

Powell's impact on Bedford's program has been much bigger than just his play on the football field.

"He's bringing the young guys along with him," Williams said. "He sent for a bus to bring those eighth graders up here (for the announcement ceremony). Those eighth graders mean a lot to him. The motto here for our program is 'each one, teach one' so each person needs to share with somebody else and we can bring this whole program together.

Hopefully that is what he's going to take down to Columbus. He wants to go down to the state track meet on Friday and Saturday and watch some of his Buckeye friends participate and cheer them on and be there for them."

At, 6-foot-3, Powell is certainly not your typical corner and many of speculated that because of his height, a move to safety will be the ultimate result. Williams acknowledges that safety could be an option but is by no means ready to write him off as a corner.

"I think he will help the Buckeyes the best at the corner position," he said. "Any place that they put him on the field, it's going to be exciting but if you can put a guy out there at corner that is 6-foot-3 with great ball skills, wow. I'll be handing him off to coach (Taver) Johnson and he's going to take it from there. I really feel like that coaching staff is going to be there. I think coach Fickell is a great man. I've met him and I watched him as a player and I really think that program is in good hands."


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