November 3, 2011

From the film room: Anthony Standifer

Out with an injury, Anthony Standifer's season is complete even though his team continues marching on. Before he went down, however, Standifer was wreaking havoc in his senior year and we sent his film to scout ...

Here is a look at the film our talent evaluator, a former All-Big Ten first-team performer himself, took a look at.

Strengths: Michigan's coaching staff wants to increase the size of the defensive secondary. Standifer stands 6-1 and carries about 175 pounds. That kind of size is an automatic advantage when playing pass defense. Standifer also has speed and good footwork to go along with that great size. The film shows that he is the fastest player on the field when he needs to be. He also shows good ball awareness with his eyes while he keeps his opponent in position to defend. He does a good job of finding the ball when it's in the air and making a play on it.

Areas of Improvement: Fundamentally sound tackling is required and demanded from the Michigan coaching staff; Standifer will need to improve his tackling skills. He needs to drive his legs through the ball carrier on contact instead of hanging on, pulling down for the tackle. Tackling with driving legs prevents those extra yards ball carriers gain from falling forward or dragging the tackler for a few extra feet.

Standifer will also need to improve his ability to get rid of blocks faster and close the yards between him and the ball to take away those free yards. In other words, attack the ball faster instead of waiting for the ball to come to him for the tackle.

College Projection: Cornerback

Michigan Player Comparison - Marlin Jackson: An outstanding corner that arrived at Michigan with great raw skills and developed his game to become one of the best corners in America.

The Bottom Line: Standifer has all the skills to make early contributions to the Michigan secondary. He has great body length that will give him an edge when he competes for a starting spot. He shows good balance and footwork as he makes his adjustments to the opponent and the ball. Michigan will require him to play a more physical style of play compared to what this film shows and he should have no problem adapting to the speed and size of Big Ten play.

Fundamental tackling skills are a must and Standifer will improve with higher levels of competition. Big Ten offenses love to feature NFL style wide outs. They are big, fast, and block with a pretty high level of violence, and Standifer has the raw tools to develop into a prototype defender against that bigger and faster wide outs

God-given size and speed is hard to come by for defensive secondary players. Standifer has them both and has a bright future.

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