January 11, 2012

Morris talks BCS title, OC position

When Alec Morris committed to the University of Alabama in August, he did it with the notion that he could one day play quarterback for a national championship contender.

On Monday night, Morris watched as his future school defeated LSU in the BCS National Championship Game, claiming its second national title in the last three years. The Crimson Tide's victory just reminded the Texas native how excited he is to come to Alabama.

"It's awesome," Morris said. "What more can you ask for? I'm going to the best college football team in the nation from this year. I'm ecstatic."

Morris watched the game with some friends, who were all rooting for the Tide since that's where he's going to school. As he watched, he was impressed not only with the UA defense, but also with how quarterback AJ McCarron and the offense played.

"Like every week this year, the defense stepped up," Morris said. "They gave up 90-some yards of total offense, which is crazy considering the team they played had not lost a game all year.

"Offense-wise, I didn't know how we were going to do exactly when Marquis (Maze) pulled a hamstring in the beginning of the game, but McCarron made some amazing throws. Some of those corner routes over (Tyran) Mathieu were just game-changers. All in all, it was really fun to watch."

Morris knows he could be the one behind center, leading the Crimson Tide in a title game one day, but for now, that's a difficult though even for him to imagine.

"I couldn't even tell you because I don't know what it's like, but if that day comes, I'm sure it will be one of the greatest days of my life."

Although Alabama is just days removed from winning a championship, the rumors have already started to swirl regarding the future of the UA coaching staff. Morris is keeping an eye on who could become the Tide's next offensive coordinator.

"I turned on SportsCenter today, and the first thing that came on was that (Brian) Schottenheimer was interviewing for the Alabama job," Morris said. "Right now, I don't have any major preferences. When I saw that today, I was going to go online, research it a little bit and start looking into what's going on."

Alabama was scheduled to interview both Schottenheimer, the former New York Jets' offensive coordinator, and Dirk Koetter, the Jacksonville Jaguars' offensive coordinator, on Wednesday.

For now, Morris is more concerned with working out and trying to improve before he arrives in Tuscaloosa. The Lone Star signal caller plans to work with well-known quarterbacks coach Kevin Murray at least once a week this spring.

"Right now, conditioning and strength-wise, I'm working out with a bunch of other guys who are going to be going to college from our school with a trainer on weekdays," Morris said. "Once a week, I'll get together with Kevin, and we'll just work on basic route-tree kind of stuff and under-center drops and what not."

Morris plans to take his official visit to Alabama the weekend of Jan. 20.

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