January 25, 2012

Shelldon Lewinson Q-&-A

Wake Forest commitment Shelldon Lewinson's arrival to Winston-Salem will be a welcomed one. The Demon Deacons struggled with a lack of depth across their defensive front this season, especially in the interior at nose guard.

Rivals.com rates the 6-foot-2, 240-pound Lewinson as a three-star recruit.
He officially visited Wake early in the season when the Deacs defeated NC State 34-27.

The Seffner (Fla.) Armwood defensive tackle played a key role in leading the Hawks to a state championship crown and a 15-0 record. Lewinson had over 90 tackles, 19 tackles for loss and nine sacks this season.

Deacons Illustrated spoke with Lewinson about his commitment to Wake Forest and his future as a Demon Deacon.

Tell me what you're feeling as you get closer to officially becoming a Demon Deacon. "Yeah, I'm excited to go down there, play on another level and get closer to my dream."

What have Coach Ray McCartney and Coach Steve Russ been communicating to you about how they want you to contribute to the team and how they want you fitting in schematically as a defensive tackle? "Yeah, they want me to be defensive tackle. They want me to be an active one, like goes around and drops back in coverage, hit multiple, random gaps, just a very versatile, mobile nose guard."

Kind of like Nikita Whitlock? Have you gotten a chance to watch him play much? "Yeah, I have. I've seen him play in the NC State game, and I've seen him play through the season."

Seeing how active he is and the different things he does do you see yourself being that type of player? "I see myself being anything that I can be if I put my mind to it, and with my coaches there will put me closer to my dream of being able to do anything."

Have you been talking to other recruits, and staying in touch with your future teammates lately? "A couple of players going to Wake Forest next year. I played on the field against them. I got to see them on the field."

Who did you play against? "The wide receiver from Bartram Trail [Jared Crump] [in] the semifinal game. He committed to Wake Forest. I got to know him."

What's an ideal size for you that Wake's coaches want to see you at? "They want me 240. After I get on campus they want me to get bigger of course."

I'm assuming they're planning on redshirting you. Is that right? "No."

So they want you to contribute right away? "Yeah."

Tell me about your relationship with Coach Russ, Coach McCartney and the rest of the coaching staff. "We're on a level that we can crack jokes. That's pretty close between coaches and players."

Do you talk to any of the current players from Wake? "I talk to Orville Reynolds, number 27, the running back. I've been keeping up on Nikita."

Are you locked in at Wake, or are you looking at any other schools? "I'm going to go to Wake. It's too late in the season to go change my mind."

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