February 8, 2012

Sooner State Top Ranked QB Talks Norman

As each weekend passes another trip is documented in Talequah (Okla.) Sequoyah's pro-style quarterback Brayden Scott travel log.

Taking in junior day's across the country has become the norm for the Sooner State's No. 4 ranked 2013 prospect.

Last weekend, the 6-foot-2, 195-pound signal caller's travels took him to the University of Oklahoma.

"I was-actually- kind of late but coach Stoops just walked right in front of me and said, 'Hello Brayden Scott how are you?' and he said he was glad I was there which was pretty cool that Bob Stoops actually knew my name right when I walked in. Even as a little kid I had always wanted to meet Bob Stoops and it was really cool to meet him and say my name even though that might sound really corny I thought that was really cool."

"I was like what the heck? That just happened," joked Scott.

An impromptu run-in with the Sooners head coach that would kick off a memorable trip for the state's top ranked 2013-quarterback prospect.

"The rest of the trip went pretty good. I feel like something special and I don't want to leave every time I go down there (Norman). It was really cool talking to coach Bob Stoops and I got to go in his office again and got to see all around the campus."

"I had never really toured any of the actual campus before but it was a really pretty campus and I got to go in the indoor facility. Man all of those banners in there are something else. I had never seen those before. I would like to go somewhere that has a lot of hardware and a place that I could help build onto that hardware and that's what I think when I see OU."

"Coach (Josh) Heupel and I have a tremendous relationship. If I do or even if I don't go to OU me and coach Heupel are going to keep in contact and he's going to root for me and I'll root for him. I'll never go to Texas but even if I did go to Texas I would root for him and I'm sure he would root for me. But no… no Texas that orange is ugly."

A relationship with Heupel that has grown over the past few summers while working at the Sooners summer football camp as well as a shared title of 'coaches son' which can often times be building block for a coach during the recruiting process.

"We were down in the locker room joking around he (Heupel) was like, 'why don't you go down over there and try your No. 12 jersey on?' and I said, 'No if I were to come here I would probably wear No. 14 and coach Heupel was like 'oh really you're a Sam Bradford fan?' And I had to tell him, 'No the last quarterback to win a national championship at Oklahoma was No. 14 and it was Josh Heupel."

"He started laughing and was like, 'yeah good number, huh?'"

More importantly time spent on campus during the Sooners Jr. Day gave Scott the opportunity to meet with some of the current Sooner players.

"I got to hangout with a bunch of the players. Kenny Stills is a guys since he's been there that I had always liked to meet and Tom Wort and obviously Landry Jones. It was really cool. I can say one day most of those guys will probably be in the NFL and I'll be able to say, 'hey I met him'."

"At lunch it was all of the quarterbacks together. It was me, Tyrell Swoopes, Blake Bell and Landry Jones was late but I was talking to Blake and he was like yeah I'm taking a foreign language. I'm taking Cherokee and I said 'hello there' in Cherokee. He was like 'oh my gosh … how do you know that?' and I had tell him that I go to an Indian school and that I hear that everyday," laughed Scott.

"It was really cool to have that similarity there with someone like him and to hangout with someone like Blake Bell who I see on Sportscenter almost every Saturday and now I'm eating lunch with him. I was like holy smokes this is awesome!"

This weekend's travel schedule has the Sooner State star headed east to Fayetville and the University of Arkansas.

A school that at one time had topped talented gunslinger's list of prospective schools.

"Yeah coach (Garrick) McGee left and that was one of my favorite guys at Arkansas. We had a good connection there and kind of like coach Heupel he knows my Dad just like coach Heupel does and he backed up my Dad at NEO and he also knew my Mom and it was a really good family connection there," said Scott.

"Now he's not there so I would like to see what the new offensive coordinator says and see if I'm still his guy. Coach McGee said I was his guy in 2013 and now he's gone and I would like to get a set down with the head coach or the offensive coordinator and see what's going on somewhat like what I had with coach Heupel last weekend."

"I talked to him for about two hours and you know he laid everything out on the table and I laid everything out on the table and it was good to see all the honesty he had with me and we made an agreement not to say anything of what we said in the talk that we had but I can tell you what we said had coming of the talk pretty happy."

As for the rumors that a commitment could come by the end of his trip to Fayetville?

"That's one of the things. Let's say they do offer or back their offer that was from coach McGee. I would tell them hey I would love to finish out my junior days and finish out going to spring practices and see all these other junior days going on. I'd like to see Tennessee, Texas Tech, and maybe Nebraska again to name a few and see if I could see myself out there and give them my timeline and see if they have a timeline and hopefully we can get an agreement," said Scott.

A list of junior days that seems endless for the senior-to-be Scott who already garners offers from 11 schools including the likes of: Alabama, Arizona, Arizona State, Clemson, Missouri, and Tennessee.

"Yeah Tulsa, Florida State, Kansas State, Oregon State and Washington State have all invited me as well but Washington State is a little far out there. Mike Leach actually added me on Facebook the other day and I was like, 'Wow this is so cool… this is Mike Leach,'" laughed Scott.

"They are all on different dates. None of them are on the same dates and none of them contradict with any other one so it was really easy making all those decisions plus I have a really huge relationship between my Dad and I. We just like to be alone sometimes and tour the country and do what we do and this will be kind of the last time I'll be able to do it so why not?"

And who could blame him?

There's more junior days for the father and son to travel to.

There's more miles to be logged.

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