May 31, 2012

Film Study: Reggie Davis

Lincoln (Tallahassee, Fla.) wide receiver Reggie Davis is one of the top wide receiver targets remaining on Georgia's board in 2013.

Having played at a big time program in the state of Florida, Davis didn't put up staggering numbers in 2011 as he amassed 325 receiving yards on 14 catches and 125 rushing yards on 11 carries due to the fact that the Trojans like to spread the ball around in their multiple offense.

What is staggering about Davis's 2011 numbers is that he averaged over 23 yards per catch and approximately 11 yards per rush. It would be accurate to say that the Lincoln standout is explosive.

Where he is great: Davis is at his best in space, but has a great ability to create space, which makes him very dangerous. He has long arms and does an excellent job catching away from his body, and does an excellent job of getting up field quickly. One thing that stands out on film is that he runs to green and reacts to emerging defenders quickly. His ability to see running lanes is excellent, but his ability to reach and explode through those lanes is equally as impressive. He runs away from defenders well with excellent long speed, and he runs with excellent form.

Where he is good: When working underneath in possession routes, Davis has solid concentration and does a good job focusing on the football. His routes are crisp, and he runs with a lot of toughness after the catch. He is also adept at making the first man miss, and can fight for tough yardage despite his small frame.

Where he needs work: Unless he grows a few inches, he'll never be considered a "big receiver." At 6-feet tall, he is plenty tall enough to succeed in any conference, but isn't the type of guy that will win jump balls over most defensive backs with consistency. He also needs to add weight and strength. Doing so without losing speed will only increase his ability to separate, and make big plays. Davis would also benefit from running with a little more body lean in traffic, as he currently runs upright and opens himself up to big hits. Part of it is due to size, but he could also improve as a perimeter and down field blocker.

Overall: Davis is the type of receiver that almost every program is looking for because he can make a big play on a short possession route or he can run by a defender and reel in the deep ball. While he doesn't currently project as a guy who relies on creating space and not a guy who can make plays while in tight coverage, that is a skill he can acquire with good coaching at the next level. He is big enough to make plays on the outside while lined up on the line of scrimmage, but he could be lethal in the slot and in the screen game. He could add explosiveness to any offense.

Recruitment: Davis recently told TigerIllustrated Recruiting Writer Ryan Bartow that the Georgia is his current leader, and plans to decide this summer. The four star talent is also being pursued by Clemson, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Ohio State.

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