June 23, 2012

Is 3-star Patrick Joseph getting closer to making a decision?

For 3-star offensive lineman, Patrick Joseph, and his teammates up front, they are maintaining the tradition at Chandler (Ariz.) Hamilton High School by once again producing one of the best offensive line combination in the country as per Rivals.com. This is a program that over the past two seasons has sent linemen like Christian Westerman and Tyler Johnstone to Auburn and Oregon respectively and the beat continues in 2012.

According to Head Coach Steve Belles, the 6-foot-3, 278-pound Joseph is an important cog in the big guys up front and is following in the same mold as aforementioned former Hamilton players.

"Patrick started for us as a junior and he was one of our leaders .... since all our kids were juniors last year," says Belles, who goes further to describe Joseph's football temperament. "He's a hard worker, he is one of those kids that's kind of a no nonsense type of kid. He does what you ask him and he's a yes sir - no sir kind of guy. He just one of those kids that is never is satisfied with where he is and is always trying to work on what he thinks his imperfections may be."

As previously noted, Hamilton has a proven track record when it comes to Division I talent and Belles' assessment of Joseph's talents carries some weight. "I definitely think he's going to be a center or guard in college (Division I), shares the head coach. "He's right at 6'3", 285 pounds. I think he will be a perfect guard or center, where he would naturally fit."

With offers from Arizona, Arizona State, Air Force and Army, Belles went on to predict where he believes his offensive line product will end up playing at the next level. "I think whoever gets him, it will be a good fit," states the very forthright Belles. "But to be honest with you, I think he is really leaning towards Army. He really likes what West Point offers educationally and beyond. It's not something that's discouraging to him, if anything it is encouraging him .... it's been a passion of his."

And part of the passion revolves around the center of Joseph's life ... his family. Needless to say, the camaraderie, stability and structure that accompany Army football and West Point mirrors the talented prospect's family structure and has obvious appeal.

The matriarch of the Joseph family, is Patrick "Matthew" Joseph's dad, who holds the same name as his son, minus the middle name of Matthew.

The similarities between the Patricks' don't stop there, as one can immediately see where the Hamilton High School senior gets his size, as the elder Joseph stands at 6-foot-7.

West Point

And that validation is about to come full circle for the Joseph family, because the mainstay offensive lineman has maintain for some time now that his top three schools were Arizona, Army and Arizona State. However, after taking in his more recent visit, he now appears to have enough intel to make a college decision.

For his father, the latest unofficial visit (Army) was a real eye opener in an extremely positive manner.

"The structure of a West Point and Army football that is pretty much how he grew up ... in a structured environment. Would West Point be a stretch for him? Not really. The thing that my son is looking at is the big picture, which is his future," says the elder statesman of the Joseph family.

{chuckling} "Wow, it's pretty hard to wrap that up in a few words. But honestly, it's West Point. Before the visit West Point, we thought we knew what West Point was all about. When you walk that campus and meet all the people, and all the history and everything that goes with West Point, it is such a blessing just to be considered to be able to go there. There are some special people that go there and that have gone there. West Point to me, is in a category by itself ... there's West Point and then there's everybody else."

"They just showed us a great time at West Point during Patrick's unofficial visit, so I can imagine what it's like for an official visit," declares the proud dad. "It was just a great experience ... all the coaching staff, meeting a couple of the professors up there and just exploring the campus ... it was such a great place."

Proud Parents

Obviously, watching one son's football maturation from age 7 to becoming a Division I prospect with several offers would any dad proud and Mr. Joseph is no exception.

"Like any parent or dad, you wish that their hard work will get recognized. In Patrick's case, he's always worked ... from time that he started playing sports," adds the proud father. "Now to watch my son very good offers, just validate the fact that if you put in the hard work, you will get the results and that's all we wanted."

In addition to the younger Patrick, there is the baby brother, Isaac. Like his older brother, the 6-foot-2, 197 pounder will be taking his game onto Hamilton as an incoming freshman at Hamilton. According to his dad, Isaac will probably play both side of ball, but he is primarily a defensive end.

Then there sister Callie, who is an upcoming junior in the pre-med program at Grand Canyon University.

Needless to say, Patrick and Ramona Joseph have much to be proud about, but then again, the same can be said for the Joseph children when it comes to the example set forth by their parents.

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