July 30, 2012

What's Matthews thinking?

Newnan safety Tray Matthews is quite popular these days, and it isn't just in regards to media members that contact him for interviews.

The Georgia commit is getting phone calls, texts, and messages from fans, family, friends, and college coaches.

Most, if not all, are looking for one piece of information.

Will he stick with Georgia or, at some point, change his commitment to Auburn?

At this point, there is no doubt in Matthews' mind what he would do if he were signing on the dotted line today.

"Like I've always said, I am still solid to UGA," said Matthews. "I'm just going to take a couple of visits and going down to Auburn this weekend. The coaches have been blowing my phone up. Of course you know Reuben (Foster) is blowing my phone up almost every day last week. My dad hasn't been down there with me before, so he wants to come down and check it out. The only place he knows is Georgia, so he wants to see how it is at Auburn and how it feels and how it compares to Georgia."

Also making the trip with Matthews and his father will be his mother, brother, sister, a cousin, and an aunt.

The reason for such a big group, according to the Newnan standout, is simple.

"My mom, dad, and sister go with me everywhere I go, so that is the reason they are going," he said. "My brother just graduated from college, so he is going to go with us. He has only seen Georgia so far for a game and hasn't been anywhere just to chill. Then my aunt and my cousin live just a few minutes from the school. My cousin goes to Auburn High School so it isn't much for them to come."

While Matthews has maintained that he is solid to Georgia and his trip to Auburn is just a visit at this stage, there are those in Bulldog Nation that are worried about his commitment to Georgia.

A lot of that concern stems from the fact that he and his good friend, Foster, have said on multiple occasions that they will play their college ball together, but that isn't the only concern.

Just days before Foster flipped his commitment from Alabama to Auburn a few weeks ago, he told UGASports that he was 100 percent solid to the Crimson Tide.

So what does Matthews have to say about those who doubt him when he says that he is solid to Georgia?

"That's true, and I can see where that is coming from because Reuben said that for a long time," said Matthews. "It shocked me too when he told me he was serious about going to Auburn. Then one day he told me what was going on and that he really wanted to do it, but in my head, I'm 100 percent to Georgia. I'm just checking out Auburn. That's it."

Earlier in the month when Foster announced that he would be having a press conference to make a big announcement regarding his recruitment, Matthews says that he knew his friend would be choosing Auburn.

There also those out there that believe the four star prospect already has his mind made up one way or the other.

That couldn't be further from the truth.

"It's hard to be honest. I want to stick with Georgia," said Matthews. "It's just that the coaches at Auburn are doing such a great job recruiting me. Coach Trooper (Taylor) is on his 'A' game. I can't lie about that. Auburn is a good place though, but I want to be at Georgia. Me and Reuben had planned to announce together, but we hadn't picked out a school or nothing. I thought we had more time to work on each other."

The Rivals100 standout also sees an excellent opportunity to play early in Athens as the Bulldogs starting safeties Shawn Williams and Bacarri Rambo to graduation.

With that in mind, Matthews is also confident he could see the field early at Auburn should he decide to go there as well.

"The chance to play early is a big part of my decision. I was just talking about that with one of my coaches earlier today. Georgia keeps telling me that they want me to come in there early and lead the defense. They tell me I can start as a freshman," said Matthews. "They keep talking about my size and how I am already the same size as Rambo, and my speed. It plays a big role. I think there are some safeties at Auburn, though, but Trooper Taylor, you know how he can talk it up good. He says 'there aren't any safeties around here like you.' So I feel I can come in and start at either school if I work hard."

Another thing that could factor in Matthews decision is the fact that he grew up a Georgia fan, but not many people know that the Peach State standout grew up following the Tigers as well.

"Me liking Georgia will play a little bit in my decision, but I don't think anyone knows this but my mom and my dad. I grew up following and like Auburn a lot too," said Matthews. "I watched Alabama a little bit too, and I'm not sure why I didn't like them more. I watched a lot of Auburn especially when they had Cam Newton. They were really good then. I watched Georgia and Auburn mostly."

At the moment, Matthews says that he intends to make a final announcement in late August, but hasn't nailed down a specific date just yet.

According to the star safety, he will announce one of two things at that time, but, either way, he will be done.

"I'm going to announce that I am staying or flipping, but regardless of what I announce, I am going to shut it down," said Matthews.

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