November 19, 2012

JUCO safety on the verge?

Gulf Coast Community College (Perkinston, Miss.) defensive back Kennar Johnson isn't a prospect that everyone knows about, but that could change very soon.

The 6-foot-2, 188-pound graduate of East Ridge High School in Cleremont, Fla. has been a two-year starter at the JUCO level for two different teams, Reedly College (Reedly, Calif.) and GCCC, but has been relatively unknown despite that he is just over a month away from graduating and enrolling at the school of his choice.

According to the JUCO standout, there is no shortage of teams coming after him at this time.

"I have a ton of offers right now. I don't know all of them," said Johnson, "Three of them kind of stand out with South Florida, Ole Miss, and UGA. Those are the schools I like the most and have recruited me the hardest."

All three schools have plenty have down their part to pique Johnson's interest.

• South Florida - "I like being down there because it is closer to home. It would give my family a chance to come to some of my games and stuff. So that is one of the reasons that they are up there. Plus they are in the Big East so I would get a chance to play on television and against some good competition."

• Ole Miss - "I kept Ole Miss in the running because of the SEC atmosphere. I was there when they played Texas and it was a big game day. The coaches, they are really good at recruiting so they sound like they are really into me and what not. It sounds like a good time to be able to go play for Ole Miss."

• Georgia - "With UGA, there is not really much to say about UGA. They are winning. They are in the SEC championship. They have got to be doing something right to be winning in the SEC. Right now they are ranked number three in the nation. Also that is close to home, too. That would give my family a chance to come to my games also."

While Johnson's name hasn't been mentioned much with UGA during this recruiting cycle, he did visit the Athens this summer and has been in contact with a number of assistant coaches since.

"The coach who I mainly talk to is Coach (Rodney) Garner. He is the recruiting coach that comes to Gulf Coast. Also I talked to Coach (Scott) Lakatos. The defensive backs coach. I also talk to Coach (Mark) Richt sometimes and when he gets a chance. He calls sometimes, but I talk to Coach Garner the most," he said. "They are only allowed to call once a week because of NCAA rules, so they call me every time they can and I hear from them once a week."

Johnson, who will graduate in December and enroll at the school of his choice in January, will take his third official visit to Georgia this weekend as the Bulldogs take on Georgia Tech.

The Florida native originally had one more visit planned after his trip to UGA, but it now appears that he will be ready to make a decision once he returns from the Classic City.

"I think this might end up being the last visit. I was supposed to take an official one to Mississippi State, but I'm not sure if that is going to still happen or not. This will more than likely be the last one," said Johnson. "After this visit, I'll probably go ahead and make a decision. It is getting down to the wire. It is getting close to time to commit somewhere and go somewhere. After this visit, probably about a week or so, I'll make a decision and have my mind made up."

As a prospect that will have three years to play two at the next level, Johnson has a few specific things he is looking for when choosing a school.

"Being a transfer from a junior college, I'll be in my junior year when I do transfer. I want to make sure I can touch the field and play right away," he said. "Also you want to go to a program where they are putting kids into the league. Ultimately, when you play football, you want to go to the NFL. If that doesn't work, I want them to have my major, which is Sports Medicine."

Going into what appears to be his final visit, Johnson says that no team is on top and he is focused on his top three teams.

"It's really kind of just these three schools," said Johnson. "After this visit to Georgia, that will pretty much sum it all up and put everything together. I'll know where I stand."