January 17, 2009

Lemon meets Marrone

Gambrils (MD) Arundel wide receiver Alec Lemon was the second commitment of the year for the Orange. With the coaching change at Syracuse prospects who had committed to the Orange were a bit unsure of what was going on at their school. Recently Lemon had Doug Marrone in his home for a visit to talk about Syracuse.

"I felt like it went very good, we felt very comfortable with him. Everything he was saying, we felt good about the football team and next season. My parents they like him a lot, just as much as I did. I feel like it went good."

Lemon, 6-foot-2, 185 pounds talked about many different items, but one of the more important topics was about the receiving corp and the role they have on the team.

"I like it [Marrone's philosophy] a lot and he said that we will run multiple sets. I am coming from a spread and I like running the spread, so it will be easy for me to adjust because I ran it in high school," Lemon said. "The way he was talking to me it feels like receivers can be the heart of this team and pretty much start the team off well."

There are quite a few positions for a receiver and Marrone does not think that Lemon has a set place to play yet.

"He feels like he can put me anywhere either split or slot on either side. He feels we can create miss match where I am at."

When it comes to the two star prospects learning curve, it might be better than other freshmen on the Orange roster. Even though Lemon has not met new offensive coordinator Rob Spence he has been running his plays.

"I have not talked with Coach Spence yet. I think he might be coming down soon to come talk with my coach. I will have a chance to meet him then.," Lemon stated. "He ran the spread offense at Maryland I think and my coaches got some of his plays. They went up to camps with Coach Spence and he helped them out with the spread offense, so what he kind of ran we kind of ran. I am kind of familiar with the stuff that he did in his offense because we did it in my offense in high school."

As it stands right now the Orange still have not hired a wide receivers coach and that was one topic that Lemon and Marrone spoke about during the meeting.

"I asked him about that and he feels like the wide receiver position is very important and he does not want to just pounce on a coach and hire him just to hire him. He wants to make sure he is a good coach for the receivers and that he feels comfortable with him."

This summer Lemon was in Syracuse for football camp and later during this football season. Both times though he was not able to get a feel for the campus. That is about to change because the play making receiver will be on campus next week and he is looking forward to the trip.

"I just want to see the student body and how they interact and everything. I just want to get a feel for being on the campus at Syracuse with people there. When I went up the first time there was no students on campus, my other visit I just went to a game and came home. I guess also just get a good feel for all of the coaches and I will also interact with the football team as well."

This past season was one for the Maryland state record books for Lemon. In his final year he set the records for most receptions with 103, most touchdowns with 23, and 1,616 receiving yards.

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