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Exclusive: Yummy Crypto to offer every Miami basketball player NIL Contract

The first days of Name, Image, Likeness in college sports have introduced a wide variety of endorsement deals and projects for athletes throughout the country. It was only a matter of time before a Cryptocurrency entered the arena.

Yummy Crypto, a charity cryptocurrency that leverages social awareness into donations to real world problems, is offering the equivalent of $500 a month endorsement contracts to every University of Miami basketball player.

The players who choose to participate will receive the payments for a year beginning in September. The crypto will be sent to the cryptocurrency exchange wallets created for the players where they can then swap them for US dollars directly to their bank accounts.

The players who opt-in will be promoting Yummy Crypto's Charity Project through the use of their social media accounts and personal appearances educating their followers on the potential of cryptocurrency to tackle some of the world’s largest issues such as hunger and extreme poverty.

The deal was orchestrated by the new company, Bring Back The U, which was created by American Top Team founder Dan Lambert. The $500 a month to each player duplicates the $500,000 plus deal that Lambert's American Top Team put together for Miami football players, who are being offered the opportunity to endorse American Top Team and its chain of gyms throughout South Florida and elsewhere.

“Being a former walk-on basketball player myself, I experienced first-hand what it was like for student-athletes to work their tails off day in and day out and sometimes miss out on a meal or not get an adequate one," said Yummy Crypto Director of Partnerships Corey Johnson. "Knowing what our mission here at Yummy is, it was an absolute no brainer to do what we can to help supplement those types of difficulties they face and support them in their endeavors anyway that we can while empowering them to support our mission as well.”

Since its inception two months ago, Yummy Crypto has donated over $1 million dollars to the mission of ending world hunger. It has also donated an additional $120,000 to a variety of foundations that include Breast Cancer patient care, critical care defibrillators, and much more.

More information on Yummy Crypto is available at, on Twitter @yummycrypto, on Instagram at yummycharity or on its You Tube channel.