CaneSport - Good Morning CaneSport 9.14.21
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Good Morning CaneSport 9.14.21

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Stay tuned tonight at 8 p.m. for CaneSport Live, and early this afternoon we'll also have updates with OL coach Garin Justice on his unit's progress as well as with Cane players Jalen Rivers and Waynmon Steed as they look ahead to Michigan State coming off the narrow win against App State last weekend. Plus we'll catch up with Manny Diaz this morning for more of his thoughts, and will post videos of the Canes' Tuesday drills from Greentree Practice Field later this morning as well.

To hold you over until then? We have Tyrique Stevenson's weekly blog, including his thoughts on the App State game, his final pass breakup to clinch the win and how this team is feeling.

Then we also have an update with QB Tyler Aronson, who was on hand with his family in the recruiting section Saturday, and they were happy to get some one on one time with Rhett Lashlee. We also have our weekly Tracking The Commits item this morning, so check out how UM's commitments performed over the weekend. And our Canes in the NFL weekly item kicks off, so be sure to see how the pro Canes fared.

Yesterday afternoon we also added to the site insight from three Cane coaches: Coach Manny Diaz shared his thoughts off the App State game after reviewing the film of the game, and coordinator Rhett Lashlee had some interesting insight with the offense not living up to expectations yet. Plus linebackers coach/special teams coordinator Jonathan Patke weighs in. And we break down the impact of the team losing RB Don Chaney for the season. So be sure to check out those items as well.


Tyrique Stevenson Blog: It was wonderful feeling making that final play

CB Tyrique Stevenson will have a weekly blog all season at In this edition, Stevenson talks about the App State game and its aftermath, including how he made the final play that ended the Mountaineer threat.

QB with offer meets with Lashlee before game: UM "will always be in my top"

2024 QB Tyler Aronson lists a Cane offer, and he arrived early Saturday so coach Rhett Lashlee could meet with his family. The situation here? Check it out.

Tracking the commits: Results and statistics

CaneSport reached out to UM's commitments for their most recent results and statistics.

Canes in the NFL: Week 1 highlights

CaneSport is tracking the progress week-by-week of the top Hurricanes in the NFL. Here are this week's pro Canes.

ANALYSIS: Chaney out for year, young RB needs to step up till Knighton back

We break down the impact of the team losing backup RB Don Chaney and what it means for Cam Harris and the offense.

Lashlee reflects on App State game: "We're not executing enough"

Why did D'Eriq King have 19 runs last weekend? Why is TE Will Mallory not involved more? What's holding back this Cane offense? Rhett Lashlee addresses that and more.

Monday with Manny: The App State game upon further review

After reviewing film of the App State game coach Manny Diaz shared his thoughts yesterday afternoon.

Patke on Monday: On losing Keontra Smith impact & more

LB coach/special teams coordinator Jonathan Patke weighs in coming off the App State game.



Can someone please tell me why... posted by Cat.5 Cane

At the game it was very noticeable that our WR’s weren’t getting open at all. It was mind boggling that App State DB’s could cover that tight most of the game.

King ran a bunch because he had to and that’s not a good thing.

QUOTE OF THE DAY          

This rush came over me, I don’t even know how to explain it. It felt good to celebrate with the entire sideline. `This is what we’ve been working for. I told you all when I got here that I’ve got you all.’
— Tyrique Stevenson, on his reaction to getting the breakup to end the final App State threat

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