CaneSport - Good Morning CaneSport 9.15.21
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Good Morning CaneSport 9.15.21

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Tune in tonight at 8 p.m. for the Lamar Thomas Show, with Dennis Erickson a special guest. And if you missed the CaneSport Live show last night, be sure to check out the podcast.

Yesterday during the day we had an update with Manny Diaz as well as a great interview with OL coach Garin Justice in which he discusses a right side shakeup and reflects on his unit's "really poor performance" against App State. Plus Jalen Rivers and Waynmon Steed weighed in after drills and there's our videos from practice. So be sure to check those out.

And stay tuned early this afternoon for feedback with Jared Harrison-Hunte as he prepares for Michigan State, plus we'll be checking in with coach Manny Diaz after practice.

To hold you over till then?

Don't miss CaneSport's weekly Mike Harley blog with his thoughts coming off the App State game and with Michigan State up next.

And we also catch up with 4-star 2023 DB Antonio Robinson, Jr., who was on hand in the recruiting section Saturday. He shares his thoughts on UM and where things stand with his recruitment, so don't miss that.

Plus we take an in-depth look at a Michigan State team that a few weeks ago did not seem like it would bring much of a challenge to Miami. Now? It's a much different story.


Mike Harley blog: We have to pay attention to the little details

WR Mike Harley goes deep in his weekly CaneSport blog, talking about the App State game and more.

Justice: O-line shake-up in works after "really poor performance" Saturday

Offensive line coaches have a reputation for being blunt, tell-it-as-it-is types of guys. And Garin Justice is no exception. Don't miss this.

Jalen Rivers: This week we'll show the world what this offense can do

Jalen Rivers shares his candid thoughts, including how well he thinks this offense will do moving forward.

Waynmon Steed: Perseverance through major injuries, now in starting lineup

Steed has overcome major injuries, including a labrum tear and two left ACL tears. He's worked through it and with Keontra Smith out will start on Saturday. He shares his thoughts.

ANALYSIS: Michigan State exceeding expectations with strong showings at 2-0

We take a closer look at the challenge UM faces in game 3 against Michigan State. And it's a bigger one than was expected a few weeks ago.

4-star in recruit section Sat.: "Not a big deal, everybody has struggles"

4-star 2023 DB Antonio Robinson Jr. was in the recruiting section Saturday and breaks down where things stand and his thoughts on the experience.

VIDEO: Canes at work on the practice field Tuesday

See the Canes at work on Greentree Practice Field Tuesday with Michigan State up next.



Manny coaching in most important game of his career ... posted by roofermike

Disappointed with Lash and Justice.That App St team is no joke. Ranked last year, got some good receivers, a good back and a 4-star QB from clumsum.

I don't panic at 1-1.

I saw Mich St v nw and was not impressed, should beat 'em.

QUOTE OF THE DAY            

I thought the last week (against App State) was a really, really poor performance on our part.
— OL coach Garin Justice


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