Javarris: I love the new offense

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Q: How much more comfortable are you with a year under your belt?
James: The confidence level is up a lot more, given the chance – you already know how guys are, you already get used to the speed of the game but I still have a lot to learn. Guys still teaching me and plus having a new coach is like starting all over again.
Q: What do you think about the new offense so far?
James: It's great – I love it.
Q: You think Graig Cooper is going to have the same impact that you did in your freshman season?
James: Oh definitely. Graig Cooper is a special kid. He's going to be one of the best freshman running backs to come through here.
Q: Better than you?
James: Yeah, better than me.
Q: He said he's already gone to you for advice. What types of things have you told him?
James: I just told him just play for yourself, don't try to come out and do everything perfect. Because I remember I was sitting there just a couple of months ago trying to do everything right, all nervous and stuff. I just told him make sure you just be calm, it's just like high school.
Q: What about adjustments as far as coming from the high school game, you had a few endurance problems last year?
James: I came in out of shape because I came in injured out of high school and I wasn't able to run that much when I first got here. So I was just lifting a lot and now my endurance has come along. The game moves a lot faster and you have to think more. In high school it's easy to break a run. Now you have to give 100 percent every play – it's just, that's the hardest adjustment.
Q: What have you changed?
James: Just working out a little bit more. I got a lot of body fat off, trying to make a lot more cuts – working on my hands and stuff.
Q: What's different about the offense that you like?
James: Just the whole concept – just guys, you have your receivers out there, they're going deep and they're running short routes and we're getting the ball thrown to us a lot more. The O-line is doing a lot better job with the concept and they give you more opportunity to make big runs.
Q: Do you like that aspect – getting the ball thrown to you more?
James: Definitely as a running back – I feel like all our running back corps has good hands and that's something coach (Patrick) Nix came in realizing – that all of us can catch the ball out of the backfield. That just brings another aspect to the offense.
Q: Has Nix talked to you about having both you and Craig in the backfield at the same time?
James: Right now, there's no depth chart – everyone's competing so we're really not talking about that.
Q: What are some of the specific things you did during the off-season to get in better shape?
James: That's my stuff. I don't give up my ideas.
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