Miami Nike Pro Combat uniform unveiled

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Ten of the top college football programs in the nation were selected to wear uniquely designed Nike uniforms for at least one game during the 2010 season.
And UM is one of them.
The uniform design was released today, and the Canes will wear the uniform for their Nov. 20 home game against Virginia Tech.
Former Cane Michael Irvin introduced the new design at a media event in New York.
"I can't wait till Nov. 20," Irvin said. "You've heard many times when they say, `Oh the team takes on the personality of the head coach.' These uniforms take on the personality of the team. This is fast, this is bold, this is what the U is all about - fast, bold players. That's the way we play the game.
"Check out how these numbers are designed, that's beautiful. And the `U' - I came up with that, love that - that says everything about what Miami is. Running at you, you're going to see that U flash up. And all you're saying is `he's going to beat you, he's going to beat you' in your own mind. They carefully designed a suit to help us beat you."
Irvin also pointed to palm tree designs inlaid into the shoulders.
"So we're coming to a cold city to beat a team and they have all of their recruits there watching the game, and they're freezing at the game (saying) `it's so cold,'" Irvin said. "And they're watching Miami run by with palm trees on their arms. Now we're stealing their recruits - they're going `I've got to get out of here, go to Miami and play.' That's why I like these uniforms."
Turning his attention to the back of the uniform, Irvin pointed out how `The U' printed on the back will be all that opponents see as Canes run by them.
"They've outdone themselves," Irvin said.
Then Irvin praised the helmet design.
"They call this a chrome fur green," Irvin said. "I never heard (of that) before I got here today. And the color says money. That's money. When I see it, I say `money.' Here again, we have to always think in terms of recruits (making NFL dollars)."
Irvin then joked, "I hope I'm not getting in any NCAA violation for doing this - it's on Nike, not on me."
Then Irvin added, "For the recruits, they see that shiny green helmet, they are thinking, `Man, I want to play in the NFL one day. Money, money green, I got to go to Miami.' You see how all of that stuff works? They did this right."
Then Irvin pointed out how, when the two game gloves are put together, they form a `U.'
"It always has been, always will be all about the U," Irvin told the audience. "This is about what Miami is about. This uniform says cool, clean, says it's beautiful in Miami, come on down here with us. And the cleats - the fur green cleat. We got style, shiny stuff to let you know we're running right by you."
Irvin wound up with a flourish.
"Palm trees in there - it says `Miami is for you,'" he said, raising his voice to a near yell. "I hate for it to be a recruiting trip, but that's what it was - Miami is for you. The U!"
* Per the Nike release on the uniform:
"The Nike Pro Combat System of Dress uniforms the schools will wear are engineered to provide superior protection and durability, while utilizing advanced fabrics and tooling that reduce weight.
"Nike worked diligently with each university to bring relevant elements of the school's rich heritage into the futuristic elite fit uniform designs. The collaborations with the universities produced the highly customized uniforms that will be revealed just days prior to the start of the 2010 college football season."