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The Big Show comes to Miami

Hargrove meets The Big Show

The Big Show was in Miami today.

No, not the circus or a traveling Broadway show.

The Big Show.

As in the WWE star.

All 7 feet.

383 pounds.

He was there for a workout and met Cane players and coaches while on campus.

One of the guys most excited to see him?

Lakeland (Fla.) Lake Gibson High School DL coach/JV coach Daniel Hargrove, who loaded up a car with some of the school’s top prospects for an unofficial visit to UM today.

“I had no idea The Big Show was going to be there,” Hargrove said. “I’ve followed wrestling since I was a little kid. I was with coach (Blake) Baker, he said The Big Show was there for a workout, so I said `Oh, man, is there any way I can meet him?' Coach Baker took me to the strength office and The Big Show was in there talking, telling stories about stuff that went on. I was asking questions about some of the favorite matches he ever did.”

Hargrove’s impression of the wrestler?

“I got to meet one of my idols, but it was like talking to your next-door neighbor or someone you’ve known for years,” Hargrove said. “He was very personable. He and I were talking about being big guys - it’s like I knew him for years.”

Toward the end of the 15 minutes together, Hargrove got a picture with the big guy.

“My hands were shaking, I couldn’t even open the camera app,” Hargrove said. “He was asking why, and I was like `You’re one of my idols!’”

As for the Lake Gibson High players, they weren’t in on the meeting.

“They were doing a photo shoot, were excited about getting in the uniforms and doing that,” Hargrove said.

Below see The Big Show with UM's team ... and Manny Diaz: