Visit Secures UM As Favorite For Top Prospect

Orlando (FL) Oak Ridge DL Joe Joseph is back from his Hurricanes official visit.
And he says “It was great.”
Among the highlights: “I got to see practice – I liked the intensity, the competitiveness. And the first day we went to the Orange Bowl and tried on jerseys with our names on the back. And they had us run out on the smoke.”
Joseph says he was treated very well on the trip.
“They were straightforward, said it’s going to be hard work if I come to Miami. I’d rather that than a college pat me on the back and say how good I am.”
Joseph and his parents met with coach Larry Coker today.
“We talked like 15 or 20 minutes,” Joseph said. “We talked about the visit, asked him a couple of questions – my mom asked him why Miami was better than other schools and he said because of the way they do things there as far as small class size and the way they graduate their students.
“He asked me my favorite schools, asked where they fit in the rank where I want to go. I said for right now Miami’s first. He smiled when I said that.”
Joseph is also considering UF, Tennessee and South Carolina. He visits Florida and Tennessee in January.
He was hosted on the UM visit by Baraka Atkins.
“He’s a good guy,” Joseph said.
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