CaneSport - Good Morning CaneSport 10.22.21
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Good Morning CaneSport 10.22.21


The Hurricanes have a big challenge in No. 18 NC State tomorrow, and we have several stories with players and analysis items this morning.

First up is the Countdown To Kickoff Show in which CaneSport publisher Gary Ferman and The Wolfpacker's Matt Carter discuss the game. Then there's our 5 Burning Questions breaking down some of the keys to the game from a Miami perspective. And we have updates with Zion Nelson and Jared Harrison-Hunte with their thoughts.

And we also have a recruiting update with CB Fred Gaskin, a 2024 prospect who has a Miami offer and breaks down where things stand and offers perspective on how UM's struggles can affect future recruits.

There's also our weekly U Bet CaneSport from yesterday with renowned local handicapper Lee Sterling breaking down the Miami-NC State game and other top college contests this weekend.


5 Burning Questions Heading Into the NC State Game

We tackle 5 burning questions heading into Saturday's game.

U Bet CaneSport with Lee Sterling: Handicapping Miami vs. NC State

Renowned local handicapper Lee Sterling breaks down the upcoming Cane game and other top college contests this weekend.

Nelson not 100 percent healthy, "a lot I want to improve"

OL Zion Nelson shares his thoughts as the Canes are set to face NC State tomorrow.

Countdown to Kickoff Show: Miami vs. NC State

CaneSport Publisher Gary Ferman and The Wolfpacker's Matt Carter preview the Miami-NC State game.

Harrison-Hunte: Guys thinking too much, attention to detail needed

DT Jared Harrison-Hunte shares his thoughts with UM trying to notch its first ACC win.

DB with Miami offer waiting to see how Canes perform in future

2024 DB Fred Gaskin has UM among his four offers and shares where things stand if the Canes' struggles affect him.



The problem is obviously player development ... Posted by caneluv20

I have also played in bad teams and excelled. Agree this coaching staff sucks as a whole. Even lashlee is trash right now. I think its because of a culture problem. Too much fun and sun and not enough sense of urgency. When you are a millionaire like manny is and rhett is who cares if you get fired. The players are the same. Looking to tee off on the first green instead of the film and weight room. We need people who want to be excellent and keep making money. These kids didnt forget how to tackle. They just dont care. Will they regret that down the road? Absolutely but the cancer has set in and no chemo applied. Manny has made 20 mill off this program, no eye of the tiger.


The more I study Miami the more I think the Hurricanes just had a couple of losses to two really good teams and two games in the ACC that they probably should have pulled out in the end. That shows me Miami still has fight and there is talent there. I suspect that Miami knows the next two games are crucial for how the rest of their year will play out. Thus while I still like NC State, I think it's a closer margin that I first thought. Perhaps a game that is still hanging in the balance in the fourth quarter.
— The Wolfpacker's Matt Carter, who answers CaneSport's questions from an NC State perspective

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