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Video: Miami Running Back Tre'Vonte Citizen eyeing 2023 return

Sophomore running back Tre'Vonte Citizen suffered a season-ending knee injury before ever getting his college career started last season. The four-star running back (6'1," 221 pounds) was a late addition to Miami's 2022 class.

He details his mental state and the rehab process:

"Mature-wise, I know for sure mindset. When you are in high school, you have small nagging injuries. You don't really take care of them or let them heal on their own, but stuff like this, you have to have a ritual, and stay on top of it. I feel like I matured in that aspect of that, and it's getting stronger.

Mentally, I'm fine right now. I'm good. The process was sure long, an ACL, and being out for a whole year. I feel like I learned a lot on the sideline, and that's what I'm grateful for. Things I witnessed and seen, probably wouldn't be able to see while your playing a game. I'm grateful that I was able to experience not being on the field and just watching and learning from the older guys."

On if there any setbacks in his rehab process:

"I wouldn't say setbacks, I just feel like my body just wasn't healing, wasn't at the right point where it should have been...I'm doing a little running, I'm just very cautious, trying to take everything slowly."

How he is looking to contribute this season:

"I'm looking forward to being able to contribute. It doesn't matter if it's on special teams or with the ball, blocking, just any way I can contribute to our team's success.

I expect to see the field, but right now I'm taking it day by day slowly. Making sure I'm 100 percent physically and mentally to make sure I'm able to make my team succeed this year.

I can't tell you which game, I can just let you know that I'll be on the field this year for sure."

Photo Credit: Chuck Bethel Photography
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