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Miami moving on from Georgia Tech, ready to face North Carolina

After a tumultuous week of controversy and despair from the Georgia Tech game, Miami is ready to move on to its next challenge.

"You get 24 hours to think about that game, and then you got to move on to the next week," Miami Offensive Lineman Javion Cohen said. "We felt we left a lot out there, but it's the next week...we're playing the University of North Carolina this week, and that's what we're focused on and game-planning for each and every day.

The Hurricanes will travel to Chapel Hill to take on the Tar Heels at Kenan Memorial Stadium, which is expected to be a hostile environment. Miami is making the adjustments to prepare for the crowd noise.

"Our coaches do a great job putting in that type of environment all week; we've been playing the speakers very loud," Cohen said. "It's working in harmony. Everybody has to be focused and on the same wavelength, and we've been working on that this week, and we are going to go in there with the same expectations of putting our preparation on display."

Miami continues to communicate a one-game-at-a-time approach and is practicing with silent cadences as they did last year in preparation for Texas A&M.


"We treat it no different," said Miami Offensive Lineman Jalen Rivers. "Of course it's going to be a big game, you know, a lot of fans there. We're not focused on the fans, we're just focused on one thing, and that's getting a win. But to work on it being a loud crowd, just like we did last year with Texas A&M...practice a silent cadence with loud noises, so we can get used to that loud noise."

Miami has not won at UNC since 2017, so most of the players have never experienced a win in Chapel Hill. Miami Kicker Andy Borregales last played at UNC in 2021 and enjoyed the atmosphere despite the 45-42 loss.

"It was great. They have a lot of fans out there," Borregales said. "I personally think it's a really good stadium. They have good support for the team and the school. It'll be fun when we go up there again."

Couch also experienced Kenan Stadium in 2021 and is embracing the challenge of the most hostile road environment to date this season for the Hurricanes.

"It's a different type of atmosphere, getting us ready for the noise and craziness," Defensive Back Te'Cory Couch said. "It's a fun process that we're going through this week, but we are just getting ready for the opportunity to go up there and get a win."

The Miami defense is looking to play a complete game on Saturday and erase the memory of last week's breakdown.

"We just got to execute at all times. Whether it's the end of the game, beginning of the game. Just execute at all times. That's the most important lesson that we learned. We just moving forward, having positive energy. Learning from what just happened last week and just moving forward."

Miami has not beaten North Carolina since 2018. The Canes will face the Heels in prime time on Saturday night at 7:30 Eastern.

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